Wednesday, January 4, 2017

UC Tuition Hike Plans- Regents agenda begins early

UC proposes first tuition hike since 2011


"Tuition at the University of California is expected to grow for the first time since 2011 under a proposal the UC regents will consider this month.

Under the plan announced Wednesday, annual tuition for in-state undergraduates would grow to $12,474, an increase of $282. The mandatory student services fee would grow to $1,128, an increase of $54."

Sac Bee says Napolitano says it's necessary:
Napolitano: UC quality not sustainable without tuition hike

Includes: "Napolitano said she would support efforts by the University of California Student Association to secure a buyout of the increase through the Legislature, but that her plan was not the opening salvo for negotiations with the state. She said raising tuition would actually make more financial aid available to students than additional funding because the state’s Cal Grant scholarships increase along with fees, allowing UC to provide other types of assistance with the money generated from new tuition, such as housing subsidies."

And LA Times on it- their coverage suggests some Regents are leery and questioning fin aid and sweet spot claims:

"But the proposal will draw scrutiny from the regents. At the last meeting in November, Regent Eddie Island said UC should consider providing more aid to students to cover the full cost of attendance, and Regent Norman J. Pattiz said he had presided over many tuition hikes during his long years on the board but that using financial aid to justify another one “doesn’t fly anymore.”
Pattiz said Tuesday he remains undecided about his support. He said he wants answers to key questions first, such as what the alternatives to a tuition hike might be. "


UCOP or says it's modest

But the full agenda has not yet been posted for this month's UC Regents meeting::

- compare that with:

BTW: more sweet spot claims?

Economic impact of UC Merced rises to $2.6B

But not so sweet for everyone?

University of California workers plan five-day strike to protest wages

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