Thursday, January 12, 2017

What is OP paying for it? Why one person for that role? Why someone who has only held the job at UCLA for a li'l over a year?

UC hires first systemwide Title IX coordinator

Why is UCLA the epitome of Title IX for all UC? Is it? Should it be? The candidate has Ed ties to Notre Dame and U Chicago - are they the model of what Title IX should be at University of California?
-More overpaid OP bloat? Or is this position announced in advance of other findings?

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And, now in this new story this section:
"Salvaty is not the first UCLA Title IX officer to go on to lead a systemwide Title IX office. Pamela Thomason, Salvaty’s predecessor, left in 2014 to become Title IX officer for the California State University system"
--A reminder of precisely that UCLA history is part of the concern.

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