Sunday, February 5, 2017

One with everything..

The rebuttal:


Then UC Merced highlighted in :

Some UC expertise in:

"I would like to bring in Rory Little, who is with UC Hastings, who can give us a little bit more of an idea of what it is that's going to happen next in this next movement. "

“I actually see that as a no-brainer,” said UC Hastings law professor Rory Little

On Cal:

university spokesman, “not a proud night for this campus, the home of the free speech movement.”
That was Mogulof  quote in that S. CA Op Ed and  he said  that comment all over TV on the night of,...and he's wrong.
1500 peacefully, and many who cleaned...But he did not present that view?
Need new Cal Hall leadership and new PR team, approach asap.
And btw can't there be a variety of Republic.   views  presented- or only one guest gets a yearlong focus as a book launch??
And aren't there rules around dark money payments to student groups for events expenses $$ ?
This one stop compilation of background on the lead pick for that higher education taskforce pick:
And don't miss this article by a Cal Bear alum:

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