Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The UC Academic Senate Chair said it doesn't exist, but Cal Says it Does?

That talk about that three year rule comes up in this news article
"Panel: UC Berkeley must change how it sanctions faculty accused of sexual harassment"

And in the report which is requesting public comment, the three year rule comes up as well:
"Draft report now open for comment
The final draft of the Chancellor's Senate/Administration Committee on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment report was submitted to the Chancellor and Chair of the Academic Senate on Tuesday, January 31st. The report is available here.

We welcome public comments from the UC Berkeley community. Please submit comments to (link sends e-mail)."
--But the Academic Senate Chair said in his November statement at the UC Regents meeting that there is no three year rule and never has been...see 1:12:00:00 mark here
So what to make of that part?!
LA Times with:
"Here's what would it take to give California students a debt-free college education"

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