Monday, February 13, 2017

"though it may look like -Write it?- like disaster."




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A failure of that magnitude likely would cause billions of gallons of water to cascade down a wooded hillside that sits below the lip of the emergency spillway.

“You look at 30 feet times the area of the reservoir,” said Nicholas Sitar, a civil engineering professor at UC Berkeley. “That is how much water is going to come out. That is a huge volume of water.”

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For some good in depth that goes back to Reagan early days, see:

At the state sen.?: "Aggressive protests that forced the cancellation of a right-wing speaker at UC Berkeley last week generated heated debate in the Senate."
- on another bit of nostalgia involving the pres of the UC regents and a former US pres from CA:
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But interaction with the current one of most pressing concern now:

Recent health reports

have some folks jumpy, even with the good prognosis, and asking:

Well wishes for good health to so many this V Day , with lines from E. Bishop that feel apropos- where it is an exclamation not a question mark...
"though it may look like (Write it!) like disaster."

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