Monday, February 27, 2017

UC Regents Meetings lately, more

Unknown what happened at:
Date: February 23, 2017

G1(X) Discussion Review of Misconduct Cases and Due Process Procedures
Closed Session Statute Citation: Litigation [Education Code §92032(b)(5)]

And on upcoming UC Regents committee salary increases for admin also see :


And on UCLA also there was: includes:
"Some graduate students teach undergraduate courses outside of their departments because of a shortage in teaching assistants.
There has been a teaching assistant shortage in divisions like life sciences and physical sciences because the undergraduate student population has increased faster than the graduate student population over the past few years, said Victoria Sork, dean of the life sciences division."


"As University of Wisconsin students call on administrators to expand their diversity efforts, a UW System task force gathered Thursday to hear from a speaker on the importance of investing in diversity programs.

Presenting strategies to ensure Wisconsin universities work toward improving campus climate, Mitchell Chang, a professor of education at the University of California, Los Angeles, spoke to the Board of Regents Task Force on Campus Climate about how to advance campus diversity efforts."
"The task force is in charge of recommendations for UW institutions to assess and improve the campus climate. Co-Chairs Eve Hall and Edmund Manydeeds described a uniform assessment that would be administered at all UW System schools.

A dozen of the 18 members who responded approved of a uniform survey, but would also like the option to customize some questions to address campus-specific issues. Three respondents said they would like just the uniform assessment while three others opposed the survey."
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