Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ultimately, Who Pays?

This sad and confusing story out of UC Santa Cruz:$115-million/1731074/

Has this detail:
"The assistant professor could not be reached for comment.
As for the student-employee, Portillo said she doesn’t know what happened to her, except that “I was always afraid that I might run into her on campus.”
The Santa Cruz County district attorney never pressed charges against either employee, said Kristensen, Portillo’s attorney. He said his own investigation revealed that the assistant professor had intimate relationships with two other students. UC policies prohibit employees from having personal relationships with students and others they supervise."
Local coverage on it:
This is the official UCSC message that went out on it:
At Cal there is this story that sounds like it is getting more and more expensive:
This other story at Daily Cal, It could be the reason UC gave, or that UCR student story on fin aid pointed to earlier in the week, or the advocacy  going back years,
but unclear on the extent :

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