Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Dirks Replacement Announcement for that March UC Regents Meeting? More.

Sexual harassment: records show how University of California faculty target students
The Guardian

Others in op ed:
My Word: Berkeley professor accused of misconduct being railroaded

The University of California Biomedical Research Acceleration, Integration and Development program (UC BRAID) and Stanford University

UC issues statement on new Trump immigration order
Napolitano said her hope was to be able to announce Katehi replacement in January, the replacement was announced off cycle of UC regents meeting...
And Napolitano said she wanted to announce Dirks replacement at March UC Regents, so...???

"Napolitano issued a letter Wednesday to the UC Berkeley Academic Senate chairman outlining the new chancellor search process. The goal is to submit a candidate to the UC Board of Regents by March for Berkeley and by January for Davis."

Flashback Today,

Folks forgot a former UC Pres of the UC Regents who , in another role, made quite a speech on this day some years ago...Or did folks remember all too well and just preferred to avoid correlation with other present day headlines..?

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