Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Attempt To Tamp Down?

At this month's UC Regents Meeting the UCOP admin took a chunk of time and did their presentation on all the wonders they believe OP does for UC campuses etc, and now there is this PR that they are putting out


It starts off like this:
"Led by UC President Janet Napolitano, the Office of the President plays a distinct role in helping to shape the overall vision for the university and in carrying out core activities that allow the 10 campuses to function as a single university."

Do they allow UC to operate as one university?-- when the Title IX hits the fan or capital projects go wrong, or personnel decisions in the senior management turn a hot mess or sports funding plans, usually the UCOP response goes something like-UCOP delegates authority to the campuses and didn't know anything about that problem in advance-- you know the 'how could we have known?' familiar OP posture...

So, it seems the PR campaign was mostly created in advance of this:
2016-130 - University of California Office of the President—Administrative Expenditures
Est. Release Date: April 2017

And then there is this still to come:
2016-125 - University of California—Contracted Employees and Contracting Practices
Est. Release Date: June 2017

Also there's this update:

Gov. Jerry Brown in Washington: 'Wherever we are going to find common ground, we are going to do it'

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article139750348.html

Jerry Brown travels to Trump’s town to look for ‘common ground’

And add'l update which is of consequence to UC Med, see:

Gov. Jerry Brown warns of at least a $6-billion-a-year hit to California under GOP health plan



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