Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Former OpEx 'Leadership'in Cal Leadership Revolving Door

At some point it will become quite clear whether or not the reaching back for past leadership to become once again 'new' leadership works out- or not - for Cal in its current 'difficult time'..

Will Dirks' picks for associate Chancellor and newly named LDO effective April 1 (replacing another of Dirks' Associate Chancellor's who will continue in that title as well but have other duties) continue to be part of a Christ administration?

Last July, Dirk's hired the former Operational Excellence head as an associate chancellor, now as mentioned above that person will oversee whistleblower cases at UC Berkeley as LDO,---Dirks made that hire just before the SF Chronicle and other papers broke these types of stories on the Dirk's administration:





-Some of those items began as whistleblower cases...Some of those cases can get significantly more complex than even an OpEx rollout...

Given the poor roll out of Op Ex and other initiatives connected to it like campus shared services, the resultant campus troubles...

Is it all just an early April Fool's for the campus?

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