Saturday, March 25, 2017

Millions Spent At UC Davis on Katehi Issues


UC spent nearly $1 million in probe of former UC Davis Chancellor Katehi

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Includes"“The big losers in this are the students at the University of California, Davis specifically, and the University of California generally,” said Ed Howard of the Center for Public Interest Law. “If you think of the number of scholarships or the number of computers, or the excellent professors or programs that could have been paid for with that nearly million dollars, that is just tragic.”


appreciate the thoroughness of the UCOP investigation, however it clearly would have been much more financially prudent to fire Chancellor Katehi early on when she crossed the line by moonlighting with the diploma-mill DeVry University,” said Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento.


"That incident cost the university nearly $2 million, including a $1 million settlement to the students who were sprayed. The balance paid lawyers, consultants and others who dealt with the aftermath.

The UC investigation determined that Katehi’s staff spent $407,000 hiring three companies to improve her image and the university’s after the pepper spray incident,"
"The entertainment portion of the bill – about $90,000 each of those two years – generally went to entertain staff, to wine and dine donors or to host award luncheons, among other things.

James Finkelstein, a professor emeritus at George Mason University who has done extensive research on university executive compensation, said his research doesn’t show any campus leader spending this much for entertainment. “It’s nearly four times what we’ve seen in our research,” he said.

Napolitano demanded Katehi’s resignation last April, but the chancellor refused, leaving Napolitano to suspend her with pay and order the investigation. At the time, Napolitano said Katehi had provided “material misstatements” to her and the media about her involvement in the hiring of the firms.

“As you know – but it bears repeating –"...Read the full article.


It Bears repeating:
How Much Did The Dirks Probe Just Cost UC?


"Jones, an Inglewood, Calif., native, is married to Estrella Jones, a Berkeley native. His sister-in-law, Na'ila Nasir, UC Berkeley's Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion and has been a Cal faculty member since 2008.
This would be Jones's first head coaching job. Given that new chancellor Carol Christ comes on in July with the directive to cut costs, particularly in athletics, this may very well be a cost-saving move, rather than hiring a more expensive, big-name replacement for Martin. It also serves to keep some level of continuity."

-But isn't Nasir leaving that post after being in it just one year (to go work at a private foundation?)?

--And what about all those other open slots in the Chancellor cabinet at Cal?

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