Wednesday, March 15, 2017

"UC Berkeley thus receives $26,682 for replacing a resident student with a nonresident student, or for adding a nonresident student rather than adding a resident student.", And other things

See a lengthy informative piece on: "Does Nonresident Tuition Show That Privatization Works"
Where we also get to revisit some former UCB Chancellor Birgeneau numbers/projections on it too. Oh yeah.

Related, Sac Bee on a roll:

With free community college proposal, Democrats over-promise on free stuff
Sacramento Bee

UC out-of-staters are last year’s fight

And comparison with Scandinavia even:

Then see:
"In 2015, California appropriated $8,522 for full-time equivalent public university students. That’s an increase of 16.7 percent from 2010, the greatest percentage increase among all large states, with the exception of Illinois, which spent heavily to bail out its university pension system. By comparison, Texas’ spending fell by nearly 20 percent to $7,748, according to the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association. Such numbers reflect well on the priorities of Gov. Jerry Brown, legislators and voters. However, California’s spending remains below pre-recession levels, as it does for other states with the exception of a few small states.

Read more here:

There was also:

-Will also note here that a UCB foundation trustee gave a lengthy talk on comparison between UC campus based individual foundation invest performance as compared with the Uc systemwideinvestment performance out of the UCOP shop and a ball park $ 75 million figure difference came up along with a reiteration of the $150million Cal deficit figure, so there was that of special note at that Tues UC Regents investments comm meeting as well..So now see this latest dev: .

So what happened at the UC Regents meetings?, oh lots of things

Regent M's facial expressions said it all during Fin Cap comm
-when UC Berkeley said they are short 17,000 beds (yep three zeros, no typo), housing for students ...
Or when UCSF tried to get a building plan approved , which Blum said he was willing to do without the answers and said maybe some other Regents could join him in approving the project while
Other Regents questions remain unanswered on it: over $70,000 per parking stall plan on account of NIMBY groups and that old quarry at the bottom of Petrero...and "100,000 sq ft of just circulation space?" is unaccounted for in the presentation, calculation...
Regent M says, thoughtfully and seriously "I would have thought you'd have those answers" but they said the campus admin and UCOP will try to get his committee answers tomorrow cuz it would be ?Fillintheblank? for them to have to wait til May

Regent Perez needles PWC about the OSCARS best picture mishap during compliance and audit, they also mention UC PATH and that Yates memo thing on yunno a some rule about fiduciary responsibility of regent board members which brought on a kinda somber tone for some regents... Lansing was not in the room on the Oscar debacle mention haha

Regent Elliott wanted to have complete and accurate comparison chart data on market rate zone reports that the UC Health med committee will use in the future to get ever higher salary adjustments for execs, and Lansing could not understand why oh why would other UC Regents want any info like that in advance of a vote from regents--that happened in Governance committee which looked mostly like a rubber stamp race..
The Regents were happy to talk about wine during a UCD presentation to Fin Cap comm on their plan to sell wine...
You can watch all of this in vid posted in immediate last post...

Some Regents did not appear to be present , like Varner

And the board is now without Regent Island and Regent Gould who termed out effective March 1...

It seems like regent Reiss isn't much at the public participation sections of regents meetings lately either, but she did have this event at USC recently that she participated in..
Once again reminded that
Multiple UC Regents split their efforts between UC and USC...How's that working for UC?

Some students made public comment on the fac code of conduct item and their comments, which were very well thought out, were then mentioned/ discussed in the ACAD affairs committee , it was strange that none of the lower level staff spoke in public comment on that item...The policy still seems to have a lot of holes and loopholes and imprecise language and lack of accountability still...The students in public comment pointed out some if it.

And more recap of UC Regents this week

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