Monday, April 17, 2017

$504 million and four years behind schedule -that's UC PATH

See: on (P)ayroll (A)cademic personnel, (T)imekeeping, (H)uman Resources system
"Cost triples, delays mount for UC computer system upgrade"


UC Path is part of the subject matter of a state audit with findings expected in June
2016-125 - University of California—Contracted Employees and Contracting Practices
Est. Release Date: June 2017

And then there is this still to come:

2016-130 - University of California Office of the President—Administrative Expenditures
Est. Release Date: April 2017

-- another state audit of UCOP due out later this month

Oh and interestingly there was a whistleblower complaint lodged against : them (around almost exactly the same time the Dirk's and Cal athletics WB cases were launched last summer)

Now it seems the Lil Hoover is being tasked to look into it

But guess who sits on that board --some commission members with familial and biz connections to UC regents, OP or careers attached to UC --is it more attempt to control oversight or findings?

Hhhhmmmmm not great if bipartisan bodies can start to look to some like fox- henhouse arrangements ...

(Just remember those were the same folks talking with senior OP staff about herding cats and cat food bowls in relation to efforts at behavior mod of UC faculty on their ACAD Senate and Associations positions re: online instruction -that was just a few years ago...)

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