Sunday, April 2, 2017

Academic Tenure or Public vs Private Reasons?...Katehi- raising more new questions

Is it more about academic tenure processes that are wasteful, or public vs private processes, or particularly peculiar CA?

See this new coverage of UC Davis and UCOP and questions raised :

Spending $1 Million to Get Rid of a Single Bureaucrat
In California, state officials are giving due diligence a bad name.

"As a general matter, it’s hard to fault thoroughness, but can it possibly be rational to review 67,000 documents, interview 55 individuals, and spend nearly $1 million in public money to get rid of a chancellor whose failures were manifestly clear? Wouldn’t it be better to have a bureaucracy where employees earning $400,000 or so per year could just be fired at will, or after a short review, or with the right to one brief appeal? Why should Californians permit a system where the class of public employees enjoys job protections and due process against termination so extravagant that private employees can scarcely imagine them?"

Sunday Commentary: The Absurdity of the Katehi Investigation

" As Ms. Katehi pointed out in her stream of Tweets last week, “I was asked to resign from the University w/o any proof of wrongdoing*.” UC probably figured they were going to have to do this investigation one way or the other – either up front or through a litigation process, and they probably did the math and figured this would be cheaper."

*Bold emphasis added here.

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