Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Accusations Continue To Fly, more

The Aggie
"Katehi believes that the investigation last year and the allegations presented against her were not represented well by the statements made by the UCOP, having sent out several tweets against the article by the Davis Enterprise. One tweet read: “I have been working in Higher Ed in the US for 38 years. This is the first time I have experienced this treatment.”

Katehi feels that the UCOP was trying to place the blame on her for the expensive investigation.

“The only thing a President has to do is to ask the Chancellor to leave the position,” Katehi said. “That happens all the time and there are many respectful ways to allow the Chancellor to step down from the position.”

Katehi maintains that she and her family were threatened and that she was asked to leave her position without any proof that she violated the trust of the university or the law.

“I was asked to leave the university and I am a distinguished faculty member. I have tenure,” Katehi said. “There is a process the UC Senate takes if tenure is to be removed for a faculty member.”

Katehi believes the whole development of the investigation could have been avoided if the UC president had asked her to step down from chancellor by justifying the accusations instead of threatening her and her family.

“There was no need for an investigation,” Katehi said. “The only thing that the president should have done was tell me for all the reasons she wanted me to step down from my position. But this is not what happened. What happened was that I was threatened that I and my family will be investigated unless I would leave the university, not just the chancellor position. […] I am a member of the National Academy of Engineering and am one of the most cited engineering women in the U.S. and around the world. I would not leave the university overnight as a thief without knowing why I’m leaving the university.”

Katehi believes that the funds might have been better used to support universities and the students, and hopes that UC Davis can focus on improving education and research, increasing the number of scholarships provided and improving the quality of teaching and facilities. Katehi plans to return to UC Davis in the fall as an electrical engineering professor and researcher."

-- yet still no statement from her on the status of her pledged scholarship donation to UC Davis students...What happened to it?

Meanwhile, at UC Berkeley no one seems to care that UC sat on the Dirk's investigation findings for several months as he continues in his role as $500,000+ per year Chancellor

"the investigation was completed in September"

In late March: "heavily redacted report released Friday"

- no one bats an eye...Biz as usual.


UC doesn't really seem to like CPRA compliance in their Title IX or whistleblower cases...but this is some good news on a sad story - and a good time to remember them

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