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Choudhry, Sorrell, UC Regents


Harassment accuser condemns UC Berkeley deal

And Chron Higher Ed finished it out like this:
"In a statement Friday, Ms. Sorrell commended the university for reviewing its polices on harassment. "

"But the following day, the AP reported, Ms. Sorrell said that the deal, by preserving Mr. Choudhry’s tenure until his resignation takes effect, “insults all who suffer harassment at the hands of those with power and privilege.”"


"Choudhry agreed to pay a total of $50,000 to Sorrell’s attorneys, a contribution that his lawyer William Taylor called “relatively minimal.” Choudhry is also required to pay $50,000 to a charity or charities of Sorrell’s choice.

The settlement requires that the UC regents terminate the disciplinary process and withdraw all pending charges against Choudhry. Choudhry will also have to withdraw his complaint against the campus that alleges racial discrimination.

“Neither the REGENTS nor its officers (may state that) … CHOUDHRY acted with sexual intent or committed sexual assault … (or that) CHOUDHRY posed or poses a risk to faculty, students, or staff,” the settlement states.

Sorrell filed a lawsuit against Choudhry and the UC regents March 8, alleging that Choudhry sexually harassed her and the regents failed to take reasonable steps to prevent harassment and retaliation.

According to Leslie Levy, Sorrell’s attorney, all of the organizations Choudhry will be required to donate to are either nonprofits that work with survivors of harassment or sexual assault or work on policy issues surrounding sexual violence.

The settlement ensures that Choudhry will voluntarily resign May 31, 2018 and will remain a tenured member of the faculty of UC Berkeley Law School in good standing until that time.

Choudhry will continue to perform his current administrative duties until the end of the 2016-17 school year and then will be away on unpaid sabbatical for the 2017-18 school year.

“All things considered it was a settlement that was very much in his interest in getting the whole thing behind him,” Taylor said.

Rosa Kwak, a member of the ASUC commission on sexual violence, said she supports Sorrell’s decision to settle the case and have closure. She added, however that she is disappointed that the university will not confirm the allegations of sexual misconduct.

“I think (the settlement) sort of perpetuates this toxic cycle on campus … where perpetrators, especially faculty and staff, are not held accountable to their actions.” Kwak said. “This case is very invalidating to survivors.”

In July 2015, Choudhry was found to have violated university sexual misconduct policy in a Title IX investigation conducted by the campus’s Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination.

Choudhry was placed on an indefinite leave of absence from his position as dean of the UC Berkeley Law School in March 2016 after Sorrell filed her lawsuit against him and the UC regents. He resigned from the position in March 2016 but remains on campus as a tenured professor who performs administrative duties."...

And SF Chronicle has:

"Terms of additional settlements between Sorrell and the university, and between Choudhry and the university, were not released.

In a statement released Friday, Sorrell said the $50,000 payment to charity represented a “significant financial contribution to a number of organizations of my choice that deal with the serious issues of sexual harassment and abuse.”

Sorrell’s attorney, Leslie Levy, said the terms of the settlement represented a “minor slap on the wrist” for Choudhry and that her client is “continuing to heal and struggle.” She said her client was not permitted to comment further under the terms of the agreement.

The agreement was signed March 31 but announced late Friday before the holiday weekend. University officials and Choudhry did not return calls seeking comment, and Levy said the timing of the announcement was “intended to minimize student and staff reaction” to the news of the settlement."
"Former UC provost Claude Steele, who participated in the case, said he was “glad to see this case resolved (and) hope all parties have a sense of justice about it and can find some peace.”

“I believe this case (has) deepened the university’s resolve and led to changes that should reduce the incidence of sexual harassment,” Steele said. “It has been a painful period, and we have further to go.”"

Mercury news has:
They also point out:" settlement between the school, former dean Sujit Choudhry and the assistant Tyann Sorrell was signed March 31, but not announced until late Friday before the holiday weekend and school officials said they would not answer further questions"

Remember back in November this happened:

An attempt to have it 'dealt with' before going forward? with:
Search committee for new Berkeley Law dean narrows in on 3 candidates

The three candidates are Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of the UC Irvine School of Law; Laura Gómez, interim dean of the UCLA College’s Division of Social Sciences; and Kimberly Yuracko, a professor of law at Northwestern University."

-Chemerinsky seems the known quantity/most promising/likely Cal fit...Just as an off hand ..


If you want to see how it went with Choudhry:

And NYU with this:

In the beginning...


PS Biden focuses on how it shows up for students but doesn't talk so much about how it shows up for higher education research university staff (who also are the same people who help to facilitate things like his UC collab cancer moonshot)..
Long-standing practices of both/all political parties w/ higher education on this subject, they, for decades since passage of IX, try to narrow the topic etc. So it seems.

Thus the state of things..

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