Friday, April 21, 2017

Goose, gander, and geezers grab snowflake theory...

In San Gabriel Valley Tribune see this letter to the editor:
"Harassment at the UCs

I read with interest, dismay and angst the article about the sexual harassment cases at UC campuses (April 2). I was taken back to my own experience of sexual harassment over 30 years ago at UCLA as a young faculty member. At that time, I was exposed on many occasions to inappropriate touching by a senior faculty member. It was a repeated humiliating violation, and I did my best to push the man off me, but he persisted. He was a consultant on a research project that I was involved in and it was not possible at the time to remove him.

I reported the situation to another member of the department whose desk was in the next room. He told me that"...
However, I discovered over the years in sharing my trauma with other women at UCLA, they too had experienced sexual harassment by faculty members or staff. The most recent shared experience was with a young woman just a few months ago. She was sexually harassed by another staffer.

She shared that one of the most troubling aspects of this situation was the rebuke of her colleagues after she filed the complaint. Furthermore, she indicated that she would not be returning to UCLA given the additional trauma of being ostracized for her reporting. I asked what happened"...
Read the full thing here:

Then there's:
"Berkeley Is Being Tested on 2 Fronts: Free Speech and Safety"

"Conservative group threatens UC Berkeley over Ann Coulter appearance"
Los Angeles Times

Lawyer to UC Berkeley: Let Ann Coulter speak next week — or else

--If campus is forced to put in place more restrictive policies in response- one could see other UC student and staff orgs making similar moves in turn e.g. like claiming this latest episode by one group caused the other groups to lose long standing enjoyment of the campus in existing policies etc- and it could go on and on - goose gander...

How does a student group decide the date by fiat without prior approval from campus?? ,is that what really happened in this instance?

See UCB admin email includes:
"For that reason, when we learned through the newspapers "
See in full the admin email here:

And horning in on Coulter's moment?:


See: "How Berkeley has become the far left and far right’s battleground"


The TV pundits didn't offer much illumination in coverage by and large: when they discussed Berkeley on one show some journalists reached for snowflake theory to explain it all , the host sounded like he thinks if he books the person as a regular guest than University is obligated to facilitate as well apparently- will post the vid or transcript of that section if they put that segment up, but as of yet nada...Just tweets on that segment:
"That's why we come here, to see radical ideas exposed to us ... that's why we come to college." @HardballChris on free speech #berkeley"

"#Berkeley is the home of the protest." @carlsonmargaret #Hardball

This makes the university look out of touch." @HardballChris on #Berkeley cancelling @AnnCoulter #Hardball"

In another segment, importantly, UCLA's Promise Institute efforts come up in reference to a new Christian Bale movie:

BTW will add in here--How late night hosts will frame themselves historically for booking O'Reilly over the many years will also be interesting to media watch, experts say...


A sorta update from AP at LA Times on the Cal speaking engagement saga

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