Wednesday, April 12, 2017

"legislators say UC is ignoring its own 2010 report by the University of California Commission on the Future which recommended that nonresident enrollment never exceed 10 percent. "

UC says now 20%, no you better make it 25%, --and the other side says 10%
So 15% as the compromise in May, or...?

See this article:
UC: Locals vs. the out-of-staters

"legislators asked UC last year to address the problem and are irritated that the university is proposing a 20 percent cap on nonresidents at most campuses, which is higher than the current system-wide percentage – 16.5 percent of UC’s 210,170 undergraduates.

UC’s proposal places an even higher nonresident cap on the most popular campuses, keeping it at existing levels – 24.4 percent at UC Berkeley, 22.9 percent at UC San Diego and 22.8 percent at UCLA. A decade ago, nonresident enrollment in the UC system was 5 percent.

“We strongly oppose the nonresident enrollment limit under discussion,” McCarty wrote in a letter co-signed by 15 other legislators last month. “We believe the proposal does not go far enough in restoring the University of California to its commitment to California taxpayers and students.”"

Choice and Student Debt
Most students pay more for college than an affordability benchmark recommends, according to a new report, and some of the overspending is by choice

NY beats CA to it:


Average cost of attending a UC campus rose about 4% last year, regents told


Relying on Women, Not Rewarding Them
New study suggests female professors outperform men in terms of service -- to their possible professional detriment.

And then,
Compensation survey from AAUP says faculty salaries are up slightly year over year, but institutional budgets continue to be balanced “on the backs” of adjuncts and out-of-state students.

Unpleasant Comparisons with salary for Chancellors and presidents and administration...

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