Thursday, April 20, 2017

'The Determining Factor'- "in the existence of serial sexual harassment isn’t necessarily a tolerant employer — even though Fox News was headed by an accused harasser, Roger Ailes — but power exercised without restraint or oversight. That can happen even in an institution that defines itself as a progressive, inclusive workplace, such as Berkeley."

In the same spirit as that WaPo Op Ed by Hill pointed to earlier, see:

The Bill O'Reilly case shows how much Fox News and UC Berkeley have (horrors!) in common

Yes there is a latest round of a high profile talker at Berkeley cancellation, non cancellation 'news clippings' to pull from but that likely only makes some speaking gig agents, PR folks better off.

Instead, let's consider this post by someone the new incoming UC Berkeley Chancellor (C. Christ) who called his idea on college funding "dangerous" and the Dean of UC Berkeley School of Education called him an idealist (she added in she is something of an idealist too)
And GSPP 's Henry Brady also called him an idealist as well in: this talk q and a session

--- when a member of the audience asked them if they realized the term idealist sounds dismissive they said something like oh-nos we didn't mean it like that...

Everyone wants to claim that they alone hold the realistic, pragmatist line/ground...

So, anyway here is his - the 'Dangerous, Idealist's- latest post:


--That post hopes for folks who can make good straight forward arguments in support of the university to regular Joes and Jills- thru the msm etc, to everyday non higher education affiliated - but those folk seem in very short supply.
Or, we add in here,are dismissed as idealistic and/or dangerous-- get it?!

Reminded once again , pointed to it as an item here earlier of how poorly Regent Blum (at the March UC Regents meeting in congrats to her new role as UCB Chancellor) he described C. Christ's connection to CEU - in a way that could be a turn off to many because of the source of CEU funding as he inarticulately explained it ..

Blum then went on to say UC Berkeley is a very unhappy place, that people don't know how to get along there ...(He always frames these comments he makes around Cal based on his experience of going to that campus regularly for his Blum center related visits...)



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