Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Victory laps?

Healthcare vs Higher Ed


In a bid to ease student debt, California considers a role in helping refinance private loans



Victim of sexual misconduct by UC Berkeley law school dean criticizes campus settlement

UC agreed to provide him up to $10,000 for travel each school year and $97,210 in research funds."


"It’s privilege helping privilege,” she said in an interview. “For all of the work done around this issue and all of the pleas for change, it’s an insult to people who have suffered through [sexual harassment].”

Choudhry’s attorney, Steven Herman, said he was “a bit perplexed” by Sorrell’s reaction because her attorney was provided with a copy of the settlement weeks ago and raised no objection.

But Sharon Vinick, whose law firm represents Sorrell, said her client had “no control” over the settlement terms. Sorrell said she was moved to speak out in part because Choudhry’s attorneys “touted around that he got light-handed treatment” after the settlement was disclosed Friday."

"another UC Berkeley case, an online advocacy group fighting sexual misconduct announced last week that it had gathered nearly 2,000 signatures on a petition urging university officials to fire John R. Searle, a professor emeritus who is being sued by a former researcher on charges of sexually harassing her. The petition by Care2 also demands that Berkeley remove Searle’s name from a campus center."

This 1.7 million update:


And then see:

"The outcome resembles a pattern of tenured professors facing minimal punishment for misconduct while university staff found to have violated harassment policies are often fired. "


"The decision to allow Choudhry to remain a faculty member was an “insult to the professors who are in good standing”, ...



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