Monday, May 22, 2017

Brown Supports Schwarzenegger Dominant Imprint on the UC Regents?

Those closely following UC Regents ask this all the time...(and in the context of Arnold relationship with USC)

Why does Brown leave multiple UC Regents vacancies open for years while Arnold appointees take leadership positions (chair control of the most powerful finance, compliance, governance, committees on the future of UC type committees etc) on the UC Regents year after year?- in this July a Schwarzenegger appointee will chair the UC Regents, keep that in mind as you read:
Gov "Brown could overhaul the UC Regents"
But unanswered in that article:
How does the Gov feel about his UC Regents reappointmens,ya know- the ones who served as chair of the UC Regents after those painful Dynes years when UCOP promised reforms and U C Regents said they would do things differently but now we find the ops situation at UCOP in the present day virtually the same bad state-- Napolitano briefly referenced 2007 events in her opening remarks to the board last Wednesday... Is that a sign she now is willing to look at that history and look at operations through that lens and why didn't she do so from the beginning? The previous UC Regents chairs apparently were not willing to tackle it, or didn't know how...

Also to consider gubernatorially: Will he/can he make himself a 12 year UC Regent on his way out of his last term? He enjoys his alumni status to Yale, Does he still want a connection to UC (other than that seemingly fraught alum relationship with UC Berkeley) to continue on- or is Yale his arnoldversion of USC?

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