Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Nonresident Admissions Policy At UC Proposed, more

They don't include info on how it works for the grad, prof schools specifically, (UCSF , Hastings not mentioned eg), but see:

UC revises its plan to limit the share of spots going to out-of-state students
"Chalfant said the Senate was happy that the cap was dropped. But he said faculty members considered the debate an exercise in “haggling over arbitrary percentages” rather than a serious conversation about how to support UC with enough dollars to maintain its vaunted excellence.

“A conversation about a funding strategy that preserves both access and excellence is long overdue and should start the moment this policy is adopted,” he said in an email."

After State Audit, UC President Napolitano Discusses Budget Practices and Tuition Hike

"For instance, UC’s Chief Financial Officer makes an annual $412,000, while CSU’s Chief Financial Officer makes $341,000.

According to Napolitano, comparing UC employees to other California employees and university employees nationwide is “like comparing apples to oranges.” UC employees have responsibilities that similar employees do not, including managing medical centers, an internal retirement program and “different markets, the size, scope and scale of which is not comparable,” she said, noting that UC’s CFO manages $31 billion, while CSU’s manages $6 billion."

-A sign there will be 'scandal, what scandal?' performances at UC Regents meeting next week?


"Napolitano is not worthy of the public’s trust’: Lawmaker calls on UC president to resign"

Read more here:


And SJ Merc on proposed legislation. As result of UC Audit:

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