Sunday, May 21, 2017

Roil 'n Rollback

The political fallout will likely play out well into the next academic year and 2018..
because the UC PATH and UC practices on contracted employees audit results will be made public in August,

UC PATH being a main driver of increases of the campuses 'assessment' they have to pay UCOP,
-along with how the audit process with UCOP went in this other instance
-just as students return to campuses...

So see :

"The Latest on a UC Regents meeting to cap nonresident enrollment and discuss critical audit (all times local):

2:30 p.m.

A top California legislator is disappointed the UC Board of Regents did not talk of repealing a planned tuition increase in the wake of a critical state audit of UC President Janet Napolitano's office.

House Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, who sits on the board, has called for the board to reverse a hike approved in January."...

CapRadio picked up on the political (some of it indeed savvy, and some of it many might also call deeply disingenuous) moves of the UC Regents, see:,-state-auditor-thursday-over-controversial-audit/

"Update 3:45 p.m.: Call it a master class in political choreography, orchestrated by the University of California’s embattled president and Board of Regents chairwoman in the wake of last month’s audit that blasted UC’s budgeting practices."

Also see and hear more on the UC Regents meeting:

- but it may be that the "Master Class" on this is ultimately taught by those who deal with Tuition and Fees...


Then see "Tensions high as UC regents meet to discuss audit response"

"But some UC students at the meeting thought the regents were blaming the messenger. “I’d rather they focus on their own accountability,” said Danielle Bermudez, a graduate student at UC Merced, who, along with others, said the regents seemed out of touch with the students they are supposed to serve.

The audit, released in late April, found that the UC Office of the President hid $175 million and suggested alterations to campus survey responses that were intended to be confidential, a move that sparked outrage from lawmakers and the auditor’s office, which threw out the responses as tainted.

The revelation has sparked an outcry among both Republican and Democratic lawmakers in Sacramento, and Gov. Jerry Brown said he would withhold $50 million from the university until they implemented the auditor’s recommendations as a way to hold their “feet to the fire.” When Napolitano took the job in 2013, she was heralded as someone who could build bridges with lawmakers, but the audit has complicated that task.

“The frustration is with the dismissiveness and the lack of candor, and I think we saw that from the UC Office of the President during the audit and during the hearing and even today,” said Assemblywoman Catharine Baker, R-Dublin, who has called for more transparency, during a phone interview after the meeting.

Regent Eloy Oakley, who leads California’s community college system, acknowledged that tension during the meeting. “There seems to be a disconnect between the … conversation happening in Sacramento and the response that’s coming out of Oakland,” he said."...

And "Parshan Khosravi, a UCLA graduate student chosen as a student advocate by UC’s student association to attend the meeting, didn’t like all of what he heard. The central office should do more to be accessible to students, he said, and the regents should do more to oversee the system. “I think the regents have to be more involved in that,” he said. “They are often very removed from our campuses.”

“As much as they talk about deep dives, I don’t feel like they’re reflecting on the public’s reaction,” said Bermudez, the UC Merced student. Her classmate, Violet Barton, agreed. She came from Merced with lots of questions about how regents interact with students and choose which initiatives to support. “They’re not satisfactorily answered,” she said."

Regionally some campuses seem to be catching up to the fact that UCSC survey responses were altered, but there appear to be other facts besides the survey responses and that infamous conference call to come out, the CSA alluded to behind the scenes phone calls and SMG preferred responses write up that CSA was made aware of too, so that part will be reported on at the July UC Regents meeting...


And there is this :

"California Assemblywoman Catharine Baker (R-Dublin) is calling for a subpoena of budget documents from the University of California Office of the President, as well as a freeze on tuition hikes and salary increases at the 10 UC campuses. "


And also recall all that transpired at that Sacramento meeting on UC Audit
You have to toggle thru

- it routinely seems Cal Channel doesn't make it user friendly to access, share the content on UC, is that a political posture too?

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