Friday, May 5, 2017

UC Pension and recent UC Regents Moves, more

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25 University Of California Retirees Each Receive $300,000+ In Annual Pensions

" Twenty-five University of California retirees are each collecting pensions of at least $300,000, totaling more than $8 million annually, public documents show.

The non-profit California Policy Center obtained documents from the Office of the UC President this week through a California Public Records Act request, and shared those documents with CBS San Francisco.

The revelation that such large pensions are being received by UC retirees — both teaching faculty members and non-teaching staff — comes at a time when the Office of the President faces severe scrutiny after a slush fund of up to $175 million was discovered during an audit.

UC President Janet Napolitano has apologized for how she handled the audit but maintains that amount of money not in the public view was much less.

In addition to the hefty pension packages, California Policy Center Director of Policy Research Marc Joffe says some UC employees not only receive their pensions, but also get a salary if they return to work in the UC system while still in retirement." See full article.

Editorial: Answers from UC’s Napolitano do not engender confidence

And see:
"The audit of UC's management shows that the real threat to higher education is inside the house"

And it refers to this post on the OP audit content too:


"Berkeley’s financial deficit has has backed the administration into a corner, forced to celebrate privately funded programs like M.E.T. while important aspects of the public mission fall by the wayside. Moreover, the formation of global studies seems to be a way for the IAS department chairs — who are both political economists — to solidify political economy’s position on top of the hierarchy.

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There's this on sports and healthcare bennies:

And on the topic of UC Regents and sports:

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