Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Deal on Middle Class Scholarship Program and assessments for UC PATH, more

New state budget deal punishes UC president’s office

"A rejection of Brown’s plan to phase out the Middle Class Scholarship program at the University of California and California State University. Instead, the scholarship program would be kept and Cal Grants would increase to cover rising fees at campuses.


"We have talked repeatedly about the need for oversight,” Rendon said. “We take our accountability role seriously.”
The main budget bill, AB97, sends $296.4 million for Napolitano’s office in the upcoming fiscal year that begins July 1 and another $52.4 million for UC Path, the university’s payroll and human resources system.
In the past, the state gave that money to campuses, which were then charged campus assessment fees by Napolitano’s office. That indirect state funding gave the president’s office exclusive control over how to spend that money. Under the deal, the state would instead directly send money to Napolitano’s office and require UC to eliminate the campus fees, so that lawmakers could oversee and control how that money is spent. UC opposed the change, which would be for one year. Lawmakers could decide during budget negotiations next year whether to continue the oversight of Napolitano’s budget.
Lawmakers moved to wrest control of spending by Napolitano’s office after a state audit found a litany of problems there, including hidden funds and misleading accounting practices. The budget bill also includes other strings on the president’s office, such as barring it from providing supplemental retirement payments for new senior administrators.
The state would withhold $50 million in funding if UC doesn’t fix financial problems the state auditor identified in the review.
“After the findings of the auditor, we decided to take action,” said Assemblyman Phil Ting, D-San Francisco. “We will be providing greater oversight.”"

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