Wednesday, June 7, 2017

"Eight UC audits in four years"- is that inaccurate?

LA Times
"All of this stems from a state audit — the eighth related to UC in four years "

And then repeated: like this...

Based, it would seem, on this:
"Eight audits in four years? UC is getting strong-armed - Sacramento Bee"

BUT take a look at UC Regents May Meeting roughly two minutes of comment from the CSA refuting that claim, includes quotes from CSA Howle to question from Regent Makarechian about that 'eight audits in four years' assertion:

'You talk about eight audits of the UC when we saw that we went back to the newspaper. We have not done eight audits of the UC in the last four or even five years. We have done
1- this audit
2- a year ago we did the audit on non resident enrollment etc
3- we, every three years do an audit of the Clery...
Because we are responsible for reporting on 6 campuses every three years
We also did the Title IX audit the Title IX audit was not exclusive of UC -it was UC and CSU, where we were asked to look at how well the campuses were doing on and .. is IX being implemented to protect students...
I would dispute the eight audits and we certainly can provide evidence we did not conduct 8 audits over the last four years. and I most certainly did not do 8 audits exclusively of the UC system.'

See the exchange here 1:19:43 - 1:21:00 time mark:

-Even if you include the one additional audit on 'UC PATH -UC contracting' to be released by CSA in August, you still don't get to eight...

Op Ed should include a list of the 8 audits and the corresponding year -or folks are left to wonder what is true...
They said they 'went back to the newspaper'- but were there follow up clarifications/correct /updates on the 'eight audits in four years' claim?

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