Thursday, June 29, 2017

Same Ol' New

See Remaking the University:
"Despite all of the talk over the last few years of the growing state support for the system, in reality the state has not been providing adequate funding for the increased student populations and the University has not been directing adequate funding towards faculty and front-line staff to meet the enrollment growth. I think that all of us are aware of growing class sizes, increased demands on staff, inadequate housing for students etc. This budget will make things worse.

I'll discuss internal governance issues in my next post. But for now I think that it is clear that this particular budget is a step backward in maintaining UC quality. It is a dramatic display of the increasingly broken relationship between UCOP, the Regents, and the State"...

Daily Bruin has it like this:
"Gov. Jerry Brown signs state budget that increases funds for UC"


UC Implements New Sexual Misconduct Response Procedures

“Combined with our ongoing prevention strategies, these clearly-defined frameworks strengthen our procedures for handling sexual misconduct cases and furthering a culture of safety and respect at the University,” UC president Janet Napolitano said in a statement.

Among the new procedures will be the completion of investigations within 60 business days and decisions on discipline within 40 days after that. After an investigation, complainants and respondents will have an opportunity to communicate with the decision-maker about their desired outcome.

For staff members, any discipline proposed by the supervisor of the accused will be reviewed and approved by the chancellor or a chancellor designee. For faculty, a peer review committee on each campus will advise the chancellor or chancellor designee on an appropriate resolution, including discipline.

The new frameworks will also provide clear roles and responsibilities for Title IX offices and other offices involved in the adjudication and discipline of the cases."



LPC: Owl Rock forms loan fund with University of California Regents

"An Owl Rock spokesperson declined to comment. A spokesperson for Regents did not return a telephone call or e-mails seeking comment."


Democrats block Republican legislator's proposal for forensic audit of UCOP ...

Start at the 2:35:00 time mark here:


New Models for Community Colleges

"New College in California
“Part of this is the governor’s desire to reach more students in California through a technology platform,” said Eloy Ortiz Oakley, chancellor of the California Community College system. “The 114 campuses are designed in a traditional manner, so we’re reaching a traditional population that is students coming out of high schools.”
But a new online-only college could reach students those traditional brick-and-mortar campuses are currently missing -- adults who are unemployed or underemployed, he said.
“We’ve really spent some time looking at the demographics of returning veterans, displaced workers and working adults with some college and no credential to see if this gives us an opportunity to reach that demographic, which at this point we don’t serve well,” Oakley said.
The state’s two-year system already has the Online Education Initiative, which debuted last year. The OEI is a collaborative program that allows students to register and participate in online courses across multiple degrees. The initiative provides online counseling and allows students to find and take online courses that may be overbooked on their home campus.
There’s also the California Virtual Campus. That website, which works alongside OEI, to help students find transferable courses to California State University campuses. The system particularly makes it easier for students pursuing an associate degree for transfer.
Under an online-only college, neither the virtual campus nor OEI would go away.
“We don’t want to cannibalize the system, and we wouldn't want to create a college to take enrollment from other colleges,” Oakley said. “Any solution would have to complement what we do, and it has to have an opportunity to share revenue with the colleges and really enhance their ability to serve students.”
The idea would be to leverage the content and capabilities of the virtual college and OEI, as well as look into the state’s Open Education Resource initiative, which uses free materials and textbooks for students, as part of the online college solution.
The governor has given the chancellor’s office until November to submit a proposal that would include a number of options for how the online college would be formed and how much it would cost. From there the governor will decide which option the state will invest its money into.
Oakley said the system is looking at Arizona State University, Rio Salado College and even other online universities that have recruited potential community college students away from the California public system.
“We’re pushed and threatened by other online colleges throughout the country,” he said, adding that the proposal would seek not only to recapture the enrollments the system is losing but to go after new students.
In Northern California, particularly the northern inland Shasta County region, about a third of adults have some college and no degree. But there are also significant equity gaps with the tribal population in that area, said Julie Ajinkya, vice president for applied research at the Institute for Higher Education Policy. That's why institutions should be mindful of the types of strategies and interventions they use to target the particular barriers rural populations face beyond access, she said.
"It's important to keep in mind that some of these solutions don't work for everyone when we look at certain opportunities for disconnected populations like those in rural areas," Ajinkya said, referring to online or distance learning solutions. "We want to make sure they're underscored by quality assessments to make sure these are programs that connect these students to high-quality learning outcomes that connect to high-quality job opportunities.""


California increases statewide free tuition programs for community colleges ...

This piece by long time UC staff - Op Ed:
"UC San Diego is failing in equity and diversity"

Things Cal-ish include the term "layoffs" in the subheading:

More here:

Other stuff:

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