Friday, July 14, 2017

Coverage of UC Regents July Meeting

During the UC Regents board session on : Thursday Regent Makarechian seemed to claim responsibility for submitting and posting of that controversial F7 item- which was partially pulled from the regents agenda prior to the meeting. Regent M said he placed it on the agenda, as an action item right off the bat no less, in order for the regents to " make the Governor and the CA Leg pay attention"-- but no one explained the reason the item on student athletes welfare was pulled...
The final item UC Regents discussed in the last hour of the Thursday session was : UC PATH and it seems there's some revisionist history that was at play , so that's a 'don't miss' section of the meeting...

Some of the coverage from this month's meeting:
UC Board of Regents passes budget, debates new HR program

describing UC PATH like this:..."Regents also discussed the UCPath program, which aims to institute a streamlined administrative system for UC employee payroll and human resources to replace the 11 separate systems currently in place. According to UCPath presenters, the program was designed to decrease costs.

In 2015, UCPath assumed responsibility for UCOP salaries, a total of about 1,800 employees — the first major test and implementation of the program.

The cost of the program drew criticism from several board members. In reference to the program’s goal of reducing costs, one regent asked, “Where are those savings?” Another expressed similar concern, remarking that “it looks like we’ve gone from UCPath to the long and winding road.”

Supporters of the program argued that the bulk of the cost is in the initial development.

UC President Janet Napolitano supported the program, stating at the meeting that she believes it is on track and “will be an essential part of the structural governance of the university.”"

-And this accurate?: "The program’s forecasted cost is about $500 million. As of May 31, the actual costs were already more than $300 million."

The program’s forecasted cost is about $500 million. " - was that the forecast when the project launched?


UC Regents discuss UCOP audit implementation, student climate


UC Regents Approve President's Budget, Question Constitutionality of Legislative Control
..."Kieffer said the university has asked outside counsel to weigh in on the constitutionality of the move. The change is authorized only for one year, but Los Angeles state Sen. Ed Hernandez has introduced a constitutional amendment that would enshrine stricter legislative control over the UC system in the state’s constitution.

Kieffer said the university brought some of these issues on itself with its previous lax budget practices and that it must communicate better with state lawmakers to improve things.

“I hope by doing our jobs right, this will be a onetime occurrence,” Kieffer said. “Because if it’s not, we’ve got a problem.”

In wake of critical audit, UC regents take a close look at president's budget

"...The regents also voiced concern over the directive from Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature for UC to enroll 1,500 more California undergraduates in 2018-19 — without any guarantee of how much the state would chip in to cover the additional per-student cost of enrollment.

Napolitano called that directive “fairly astonishing,” but said the state has asked UC to identify plans to pay for that growth by December.

In the end, the regents unanimously approved Napolitano’s budget and praised the staff for its clear and detailed presentation.

“This is miles from what we’ve ever seen before,” regent John A. Pérez said.

In other action Thursday, the regents approved a proposal to allow all campuses to invite letters of recommendation for up to 15% of applicants in cases where more information is needed to make an admissions decision."
Both Southern Cal appointments- in addition (to all possibly not legally appointed) UC Regents committee chairs exclusively from Southern Cal based as well-

"UC regents name new provost, chief compliance officer"

and also note at the UC Regents table: male appointees replacing women in leadership, also all male student regents and student advisors, and all male staff advisors appointed as well.

UC names Alexander A. Bustamante chief compliance and audit officer

Regents choose LAPD inspector general for UC system oversight role

UC Santa Barbara's Michael Brown appointed provost of UC system

And keep in mind that the regents have also hired three new firms
One to look at the UCOP senior staff tampering with campuses responses to state auditor allegationsp

One to look at if audit recommendations are being implemented

One, or at least one, unnamed outside legal counsel to look at UC and CA constitutional autonomy that Kieffer alluded to...

UC gets OK to ask some applicants for letters of recommendation
San Francisco Chronicle

UC regents panel backs limited use of letters of recommendation at campuses systemwide
Los Angeles Times

UC Regents Recap

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