Monday, July 3, 2017

Decision and Indecision, suddenly this Summer....
We’re going to be bringing in a team to review the finances of athletics and to make sure that we are realizing all our revenue opportunities and also being as efficient as we can be,” Christ said. “That work will start to take place over the summer.”

Because (prongs one and three) are so different in the course that they would put Cal Athletics on in terms of balancing its budget I believe the decision about prongs has to be made this summer,” Christ said.
"I don’t think that there are going to be decisions made this summer about reducing the size and scope of the athletics program and there are a lot of prior decisions that need to be made before we get to that one,” Christ said.
"The rules don’t say how harassers should be disciplined. But they specify the steps and timeline for how UC will handle accusations against faculty and staff. For example, within 40 days after a violation has been determined, the chancellor must make a decision about discipline. If the harasser is a faculty member with tenure — a lifetime job protection — a referral, if appropriate, must also be made within that time to the faculty panel that decides whether to revoke tenure.

In UC’s 149-year history, just eight professors have lost tenure. Many more have voluntarily quit when pressured to do so."

Then: Title IX moving forward with Chancellor Christ

Campus student advocate Jillian Free said in an email she would like to see more dialogue between the Christ administration and the campus.

Free added that she hopes there will be more accountability from faculty and administrators concerning sexual misconduct policies, as she believes standards for faculty are lower than those for students.

Free said in her email, however, that she believes the Christ administration will prioritize sexual violence and sexual harassment issues, but added that it is important to address the topic in a more “top down” manner.

“Faculty, administrators, and staff should be the first to set standards for proper conduct in our campus community,” Free said in her email.


Cuz apparently there's not enough rep of UCLA interests at the regents table:

UC Board of Regents nominates 2018-19 student regent, selects first-ever student advisor
This comes up in the agenda for July UC Regents:

A2 Discussion Graduate Well-Being Survey
A3 Discussion Accountability Sub-report on Diversity: Graduate Academic Student
Diversity Outcomes
A4 Action Establishment of Policy on Augmented Review in Undergraduate
A5 Discussion Update on Activity-Based Costing Pilot Studies
A6 Discussion Update on Regents Policy 3501: Student Athletes and Guiding
Principles to Enhance Student-Athlete Welfare

"Berkeley students are responsible for most of the design. At the beginning of the year, Eric Holt, an assistant professor at DU who competed in the decathlon as a graduate student at Purdue, reached out to the Berkeley team and started the partnership. Now, Denver’s students play a key role in helping build the house.

“They did all of the design. We don’t do a lot of that at DU,” said Chris Landsinger, a DU graduate student studying real estate. “But Berkeley realized they were a little short-handed and we figured we could team up with them. We’re in Denver, so we have to transport it less distance and we do a lot of construction management here. This is more our kind of field.”"

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