Friday, July 28, 2017

Forget about it?

UC Irvine rescinds 500 admissions for upcoming fall semester

Chancellor May Takes Office Aug. 1

Referred to as : Chancellor whatshisname here last Nov

Sac Bee now has this:
UC Davis’ Linda Katehi returns to teaching, but she’ll be paid like a chancellor

Here's crispr round up:

Report: Scientists edit human embryos for first time in US

About That "First Gene-Edited Human Embryos" Story.....


CRISPR pioneer Jennifer Doudna struggles with the ethical implications of what she has wrought - LA Times
"Some reviews of “A Crack in Creation” have expressed disappointment, even resentment, that Doudna did not take an uncompromising stance against human experimentation or editing of the germline. “When it is time to ‘grapple with tricky ethical issues,’” complained Nathaniel Comfort of Johns Hopkins University in Nature, she resorts to “a series of rhetorical questions.”

Doudna responds: “The truth is, I don’t have answers.” Indeed, phrases such as “I don’t know” occur more often in her conversation than one might expect coming from a scientist leading her field. But that’s because so little is still known about CRISPR’s capabilities and the human genome itself that almost all the important questions are rhetorical.

But scientists can’t answer those questions in isolation; the inquiry has to be societywide. There lies another problem underscored by CRISPR.

“There’s a disconnect between the scientific community and mainstream culture, a real degradation in trust by the public,” Doudna says. “Many scientists — I’m guilty of this too — find it much more fun to do the next experiment in the lab than to take the time to explain to nonspecialists what we do or how the scientific process actually works.” The lack of trust, however, will only make it harder for society at large to decide how far it’s willing to push ahead with a revolutionary technology."


And yep the patent battle updates:

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