Monday, July 17, 2017

Oh lots of things,

No shortage of important Higher Ed news:

"The UC application process is changing — and some people don’t like it
Schools will be able to ask students who are on the bubble for additional information, including the letters"


"The real difference between the US and British systems is that Great Britain can still easily fix its higher education mistake. Instead of tweaking interest rates or income repayment thresholds, it should cut tuition to zero, replace all lost revenue with teaching grants, restore maintenance grants, and buy down the £100m in student debt.

Last week this piece from an editorial board:
..."It’s not a distant Beltway issue. The ouster of Nicholas Dirks as UC Berkeley chancellor was partly due to his inept handling of a"...

The issue is all over higher ed and msm press in recent coverage, here's some of it:

The "recurring dilemma nowadays of public facilities bearing the names of dignitaries whose once-acceptable values conflict fundamentally with those since to evolve,"


The moral case for renaming Hastings College of the Law

"The law partners of Hastings & Boalt"

Higher ed history is in this but not covered in this?

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