Monday, July 10, 2017

UC interests in the spin and coverage...

California faces higher education crisis, but politicians dither

"It assumes that the three collegiate sectors – the University of California, the California State University System (CSUS) and the locally governed community college system – will collaborate seamlessly. But in fact, they compete fiercely for capital and operational funds and incessantly wage turf battles over course and degree offerings.

As a result, students face daunting hurdles to get the degrees they – and the state – need to prosper, not to mention ever-rising fees and other costs even when they nail down the courses leading to those degrees.

For decades, governors and legislators have refused to update the master plan, unwilling to take on the systems’ entrenched bureaucratic, political and union stakeholders. Instead, there have been piecemeal, one-bill-at-a-time reform efforts.

A promising approach – one widely adopted in other states – is to break down artificial barriers that separate the systems. But it’s been a tough slog in California.

The University of California resisted efforts by CSUS to gain authority to issue some doctorate degrees, for example, while CSUS objected to community colleges’ offering four-year baccalaureate degrees.

The latter is an especially critical element in higher education reform, because"...

--this next story doesn't answer the question if there are : now additional expenditures for another off campus Chancellor residence? - Instead it reads like spin to cast her in a diff light than Dirks - but, most importantly-Is it cost saving?
"New Cal chancellor shuns campus’ pricey mansion"

"Because I have a lovely house in Berkeley that I love,” she told The Chronicle’s Nanette Asimov. “But I will use University House extensively for entertaining.”

- was that from a part of a personal conversation or that quote from another chron story?

"The cost of free speech: campus spending on protest management totals $894,000 in 2016-17"
CA and Higher Ed, climate change, healthcare, etc:

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