Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Are former and current UC Chancellors worth it?

But first this on the C Inv O at UCOP: "Money-Manager Purge Boosts University of California's Return"


"The university’s largest union, Local 3299 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, is skeptical about the push to increase alternatives and issued a report last year criticizing the fees that were paid for poor-performing hedge funds.

The chief investment office “has taken some welcomed steps, but it has not gone far enough to correct its decade-long, failed hedge fund experiment,” Claudia Preparata, a research director at the union, said in an email. “Everyone pays the price, but the burden is felt most by UC’s most vulnerable workers, its lowest-paid front-line staff.”

The investment office said the portfolio changes will help it cut the management fees it pays to fund companies by $500 million over the next five years, according to the July presentation. Some of that will come from renegotiating lower fees from hedge fund managers as well as imposing performance targets that funds must reach before they can be paid"

No quotes from UCI Chancellor?

-Remember last year lots of chancellor raises

In any response he has on wall to wall national and international coverage of UCI on this issue?

- but chancellor names are always attached to any article on new donor money...

"Why did UC-Irvine rescind hundreds of admissions offers? Here's what we know"


Irvine Revokes 500 Admissions Offers
Many suspect they are being punished for the university ending up with a much larger than expected freshman class.


"Ting rips UC for withdrawing admission to hundreds at Irvine"

"Ting criticized UC officials for poorly communicating with the affected students, who were informed of their admissions withdrawals and rights to appeal through an email and notice that was posted on their private student portal.
“Instead of taking the initiative to effectively communicate with students making life changing decisions, Irvine played a high stakes gotcha game with students,” Ting said in a statement. “Sadly, this fiasco is not an isolated incident.”
Two years ago, a similar incident at UC Santa Cruz resulted in hundreds of students being told their admission had been revoked. After lawmakers intervened, UC officials promised they would ensure it did not happen again.
“Back then, university officials said they would pursue system-wide admissions reform so students would not be left alone to twist in the wind with their college aspirations on hold,” Ting said. “This repeat of history suggests nothing was done and students are paying the price. I urge President Janet Napolitano to intervene so all qualified students have a spot at Irvine and to adopt admissions reforms across all campuses. A world class university system does not nickel and dime students like this.”"

-Did UCSC chancellor Blumenthal tell or work with UCOP on how to avoid the problem going forward?


"New UCD chancellor starts work; his predecessor still gets paid $318K"

"UC Davis’ Katehi will teach one course per quarter, conduct research in $318,000 position"

How much is Cal's Dirks getting? -and for what kind of unit/class teaching research load?- or the year sabbatical at full chancellor salary?

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