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UC regards CSA as just "feedback"? 'Them' is or isn't 'Us'-More.

See upcoming:
Audits for JLAC Consideration

2017-125: University of California—Sexual Harassment Cases (Assembly Member Nazarian)


See at the 2:51:00 time mark that UC Practices in Settlements of Title IX Cases is discussed- one horrible set of practices in a case at UCLA is described:

It appears the item below was removed from the agenda just before the meeting:
2017-132: University of California Office of the President—Completion of Audit Work Relating to Duplicative Services & Functions (Assembly Member Ting)


"At the University of California, it pays to be a man"
", UC is certainly not alone in handing out testosterone-fueled pay packages: A 2016 study in the medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine found that “women at teaching hospitals holding the rank of professor tended to earn about as much as men holding the lower rank of associate professor.”

"The Bee reported that 385 UC employees earned higher gross pay than Napolitano in 2016. Twenty-two earned higher base pay. All but four of these were men.”"

"The 35 UC system employees with the highest gross pay in 2016 were all men"
"Of those 35 men, 25 of them had the highest base pay in the UC system — meaning even their base paydays are higher than that of "... UC President...


"All 35 of the University of California’s highest-paid employees in 2016 were men"
"The gender disparity among high earners was particularly acute among UC doctors."
Daily Bruin:

UC disputes state audit report on new payroll system costs
"Claire Doan, a UC Office of the President spokesperson, said the state audit includes additional costs that should not contribute to the overall cost estimate. In addition to the UC-estimated implementation cost of $504 million, the audit estimates the UC will spend an extra $183 million for UCPath Center operations, $115 million for financing and $140 million for campus implementation.

“We do not agree with (the audit’s $942 million budget estimate),” Doan said. “We primarily look at it as constructive feedback.”

See on that August UC Regents Health committee meeting that sprung up:
"The agenda involved approving a big bucks executive salary, a review of issues of branding and quality control for the various affiliated health care providers who carry the name of a UC health system, and financial "challenges" for the health enterprise at UCLA. As for affiliations, assurances were given that there is sufficient quality control and monitoring. Some regents were skeptical. UCLA is said to be suffering from costs rising faster than revenues - but, again, assurances were given that a way will be found to deal with the problem."

Maybe committee member Regent Sherman assuaged ...
Remember how they met up with David Geffen for relaxation and sightseeing?
And recently

There's also this in other items : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/even-morning-joe-and-mika-dont-understand-free-speech_us_59a40f35e4b0cb7715bfd729
BFA Chair writes:
Privatization increases inequality and reduces the quality of education

"Separating themselves from the campus, such “spiralists” set about appropriating control from the traditional campus rulers – faculty and faculty who become administrators. Gradually this new executive class begins to dictate terms to the practitioners of teaching and research. This can lead to struggles in which the faculty resist or even contribute to ejecting the chancellor and their entourage, as happened to chancellor Dirks. More often, though, faculty have every interest in complying. To maintain their claim to lead a “world-class” university, the new executives have to hold onto their most distinguished faculty and prevent them from being cherry-picked by private universities. To this end, the new corporate regime co-opts the faculty, protecting their salaries and sometimes even reducing their teaching loads However, they simultaneously divide the faculty, as newcomers have poorer pensions, and conditions in the professional schools are very different from the humanities.

The détente is only possible if exploitation is pushed down the ladder and a new class of faculty – contingent professionals – is created to absorb the extra teaching. For every new assistant professor, roughly two lecturers can be appointed for the same price, each of whom teaches twice as much as a tenure-system faculty member. Moreover, they can be hired and fired almost at will as budgetary circumstances demand."
"Here lies the paradox: the privatization strategy has been a public relations disaster. The news from UC Berkeley is botched handling of sexual harassment cases (to protect the brand), recruiting out-of-state and foreign students instead of California’s own children (to increase revenue); and various forms of petty corruption (in imitation of real executives). The recent audit of the UC Office of the President has been no less damaging to the image of UC.

It is time to turn the tables on the administration, subjecting it to austerity"...
Hechinger Report
After decades of pushing bachelor’s degrees, U.S. needs more tradespeople
California budgets millions to rebrand long-disparaged vocational education

UC Berkeley new Chancellor goes again to Krasny for the extended interview:

The climate...
rivers in the sky, clouds...
Them, us

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