Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Quack and Quit?

IHE on the possible displacement of (traditional) medicine when:
"Does $200 Million Quack?
Medical researchers say UC Irvine is advancing junk science by taking funds from wealthy donors who favor nontraditional therapies."
LA Times:
"Facing criticism, UC Irvine scrubs 'homeopathy' from its roster of offered treatments"
"As it happens, UCI didn’t succeed in scrubbing all mentions of this quack remedy from its website. At the moment, it appears on the web page of Dayna Kowata, a naturopath and acupuncturist associated with UCI’s Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine. Kowata’s page says homeopathy is Kowata’s “preferred mode of treatment.” (Thanks to naturopathy debunker Britt Marie Hermes for the catch."
..."Yet homeopathic treatments have been offered under UCI’s aegis as recently as last week, and conceivably since the Susan Samueli Center was established. Is UCI entirely comfortable with that situation? If it is, why would it scrub the reference to homeopathy from its website?"

Now on to...
There was no mention in the very spotty coverage of the UC Regents (held at UCSD) Meeting this month of the fact that immediate past UC Regents chair Monica Lozano will be leaving the board of UC Regents in November of this year to take a position on a board with ties to another former regent Russ Gould.
Congrats but this raises real questions about how she has passed off the baton to new chair Kieffer, Lozano went up to Sacto in recent months and made all sorts of compliance promises to the CA leg in response to CSA audit findings and on how a number of UC policies and projects will go forward. She is leaving a twelve year term she told the CA Senate rules committee that she was committed to serving --the full term and bringing her past UC regent experience to bear several long term intractible UC problems. Solving now that she has the chair position on her resume behind her- she is leaving?

Lozano was appointed by Governor Davis in 2001 for a 12 year term which expired in 2013. She was re-appointed by Governor Brown in 2014 to a term ending in 2022.

Her new position PR is here:
- the announcement that her new position would mean leaving her current UC regents position was only made verbally at this month's UC regents meeting during a board session...

And Gould just wrote this in Sac Bee:
California colleges are turning away students. It’s time to rethink funding for UC and CSU

"While the first casualty has been to student access, the zigzag pattern also produces problems within UC and CSU in terms of managing costs, anticipating and properly paying for fixed expenses, and putting more money where it needs to go to pay for student success. The institutions have shifted disproportionately to part-time faculty to handle the workload, it has become increasingly difficult for students to graduate on time, and investments in maintenance and repair have been particularly hard hit.

Real, sustained fiscal reform is needed, and there are no silver bullets. The “free college” idea that is getting a lot of play is not fiscally realistic: buying out tuition revenues would cost billions of dollars that quite simply aren’t available."...

-what transpired (bad audits, over budget projects, retirement contribution holidays etc etc) during a given UC Regents' tenure is important to consider as they write opinion pieces based on their UC regents tenure...

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