Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Then why not make CA community college free?

See: "California Gov. Jerry Brown and top lawmakers announced Tuesday that they plan to spend $30 million" helping young immigrants with legal services and college financial aid.

Daily Cal has it like this:

-some will see it, frame it as more about maintaining exploitable labor and beholding student populations while marginalizing CA residents interests for the sake of Corp and industry political contributors? Is it too jaded to look at it that way?

Remember $30 million came up as 'make it or break it' key figure on the CA community colleges tuition free legislation mentioned in an earlier post:

See: When it comes to affordable college education, conservative Tennessee has so-called progressive California beat

Includes: "Pending on the state Senate floor is a bill that would take a significant step toward free community college throughout California and return it to more affordable public higher educations. AB 19 would waive fees for all first-year, full-time community college students taking at least 12 units....

his bill faces a tough slog to be sent to Gov. Jerry Brown before the year’s legislative session ends Friday. It’s considered a second-tier bill — the kind that becomes a leverage tool for legislative players seeking what they consider a bigger prize. “You want that, give me this!”

Moreover, Brown’s Finance Department is opposed to the measure. Although the community college system pegs the cost at around $32 million annually, Brown’s budgeters say it could hit $50 million. That’s too risky in an iffy economy, they contend"

- that iffy economy??

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