Thursday, September 28, 2017

UC Regents' Norms , again...

A couple days ago Variety posted this, it pertains to UC Regent Pattiz:
PodcastOne Employee Says He Was Told to Inflate Download Numbers

"Mr. Hernandez was fired for stealing intellectual property from PodcastOne — a theft he has admitted to committing,” said PodcastOne’s attorney, Marvin Putnam. “We have no idea why he was fired from his latest employer. We do know, however, that Mr. Hernandez only brought this ridiculous lawsuit after we let him know that we were going to sue him for his thievery. We would also recommend that Mr. Hernandez watch a little less ‘Westworld"

This morning SF Gate posted this:
Suit accuses UC Regent Norman Pattiz of brandishing gun at employee

"In a statement, Pattiz responded: “This guy must be crazy. I’ve never met alone with him. I didn’t hire him or fire him. I barely know who he is."...

Merc has this: "UC Regent brandished weapon at employee, lawsuit alleges
PodcastOne executive Norman Pattiz has denied the allegations."

"lawyer for Hernandez, Robert Reichman, called Putnam’s claim that he stole intellectual property “false.”

“Mr. Hernandez hasn’t admitted to any such nonsense,” he said, characterizing the assertion as “further terrorizing” of his client.

Pattiz has served on the Board of Regents since 2001, when he was appointed by then-Gov. Gray Davis. He was reappointed by Gov. Jerry Brown in 2014 to a 12-year term.

UC did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the lawsuit."

Also remember that policy on regents changed:

In part as a result of, see Daily Cal: "Lozano added that current UC Board of Regents policies do not address the actions of members outside of university business but that she would work to introduce new policies that solve this.

“We cannot tolerate behavior that violates the University’s Statement of Ethical Values,” Lozano said in the email."

And see:

The McDonald podcast stuff from last year details : here
And then even more : here as well

Folks don't seem particularly interested in covering the detail of what happens at UC Regents meetings lately but...
An interesting thing happened... what Pattiz and Blum discussed during the last ten minutes of the UC Regents public engagement committee meeting this month-- they had a bit of a tiff over when and where and how the SEC steps in to review an agency and how that is or is not like the state auditor CSA audit of UC--
Blum made angry remarks against the state auditor and accused the state legislature of encroaching on UC, he made these comments after two hours of committee presentations and regent discussion with staff and other regents to brainstorm how they could improve outreach and collegiality with the CA legislature and other non UC affiliated Californians...Pattiz tried to counter Blum's negative statements and moderate or tone down things but then it devolved into a rare heated exchange between the two.

And then at the very end there is a hot mic moment: Blum turns to the UCSF chancellor and says that "Janet" talked with him (paraphrasing) about the power grab the CA leg is attempting, engaged in- you can hear this all in the last half hour and particularly the last two minutes of this UC regents clip:

Update: (is this a CPRA issue?) the regents have now edited out the hot mic content, but you can still hear it via this non UC regent archive maintained by Prof. Mitchell at: the hot mic happens at the 1:37:30 time mark
-Mitchell also makes passing reference to it here

- btw during this meeting and others Pattiz also makes mention of his trustees/ advisor/partnerships type of connections to other Higher Ed systems like USC and recently he dropped his convo or dealings with Harbaugh at UMich into the UC regents meetings discussions...

Part of Critical University Studies (CUS) claim is that it models after legal studies case method analysis, right?
But legal studies does not in the analysis view certain unfortunate cases as aberration-scandal etc right?
It views cases as possible data point indicators, right?
Something to think about while reading a pioneer in CUS:
Doghouse Pension Politics

And once again:

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