Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A Silence That Was Not Broken At UC Davis...

In the midst of natural and unnatural disasters where help is needed- and there are ways to, there is also this UC related news:

"Here’s Hillary Clinton on stage in Davis talking about Trump, Comey, fake news"

Hillary Clinton Breaks Silence On Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault Reports"
"Until Tuesday afternoon, Clinton had been notably silent on the matter. She didn’t mention Weinstein, who has donated and helped raise large sums for the Clintons and the Democratic Party, on Monday at a book tour event at the University of California, Davis ― her first public appearance since the news broke."

- the political donations can flow to and from both sides, hedged bets by contributing to both or all political parties running... all sides... the idealist would say outrage should be non partisan etc (see Tapper, Kimmel apropos comments on that etc)
One of her former staff at State wrote this:


A current UC Berkeley doctoral student was one of the first to speak out, very early on
"Will USC Accept Harvey Weinstein's Women's Program Donation? | Hollywood Reporter - The Hollywood Reporter"

Petition Calls for USC to Reject Harvey Weinstein's $5M Women's Program Donation
Hollywood Reporter"

HRC also made a speech at Stanford, too-

"At Stanford, Hillary Clinton discusses the perils of technology | Stanford News - Stanford University"

But skipped Berkeley...

UC Regents with multiple ties to the film industry, they've also remained silent on the news that broke last week..

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