Wednesday, October 18, 2017

An Extended Interview with UC President Napolitano. And the Gov on Title IX. And reminders of "the Regents Govern the Regents" throughout

Title IX , looming Tuition Increases, DACA, UC and Cal Budget, Dirks and Christ, and Free Speech in this lengthy transcript interview of pres Napolitano - the article buried in the Daily Cal Opinion section:

Transcript: Napolitano talks DACA, sexual harassment and tuition


Compare, contrast, attempt to reconcile the above with this other Higher Ed news where we are reminded the governor appoints UC Regents-- and now will he says he will appoint "knowledgeable people" for this:

" I intend to convene a group of knowledgeable persons who can help us chart the way forward."

Right leaning publications are spinning Brown's veto on this as akin to him aligning with the Ed sec DeVos stance, or other articles out there frames him as the last bastion of reasonable liberal- but he mentions more policy rules may be required in his official statement...

Regent Pattiz and UC regents governance comes up in the Daily Cal interview with Napolitano...

It is an interview- that's arguably news --not so much just opinion...

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