Thursday, October 5, 2017

More Austerity Cover Ups? 'Teach the Budget' vs 'Don't teach the budget"? And those campus assessments and UC PATH...

New law, born of UC scandal, will punish interference with audits
"Much of the secret money came from “assessments” on individual campuses to finance system-wide programs. The diversions, Howle said, had been increased even in years when the president’s office had not spent all of the money from prior years. And when pressed, she reported, Napolitano had been unable to say how the money had been spent."

New law, which targets UC, will punish interference with state audits

Did all the $ campus assessments go to funding UC PATH?
"UCLA fully supports the UCPath initiative, and your attention to UCPath deliverables is imperative for a successful transition. Based on your feedback, we believe that additional time to prepare for the go-live at UCLA is essential and has the benefit of helping all organizations on campus and in UCLA Health Sciences achieve the necessary readiness to be successful. Once UCLA’s go-live date is determined, that information will be provided to you."

Cal compilation of attempts at austerity cover ups-
The latest one-- moving from 'teach the budget' to 'don't teach or talk about that damn budget'?? :
"These were the questions that we originally wanted to pose and perhaps begin to answer. But as soon as we started looking for some basic figures to inform our thinking, we found ourselves facing a more urgent and troubling problem. We made an inquiry to the budget specialist of the social sciences division asking for a broad picture of the budget but received no response. Instead, we found our motives questioned by the dean herself, presumably because our inquiry had been perceived as a threat or as inappropriate. It seems that the dean’s office saw us not as concerned students hoping to understand the budgetary constraints and priorities that shape our everyday academic experience but rather as suspicious intruders eager to tarnish the division’s image. Leaving such strange suspicion aside, our concern is this: If an email inquiry to the staff of our own division is a dead end for accessing basic figures, then how is anyone supposed to make sense of how and why the decisions that determine such things as class size, faculty hires, and the very existence of interdisciplinary centers and programs are made?

Of course, non-transparency about the budget is almost traditional at UC Berkeley. Thus, in an interview with The Daily Californian, Chief Financial Officer Rosemarie Rae attempted to distinguish the new administration by proclaiming its “open and transparent” approach to campus finance. But our (non-)encounter with the social sciences division suggests to us that nothing has changed.

It is not just that efforts toward transparency have"...

Jerry Brown's California Dream: The Rolling Stone Interview
The governor has created a climate-resistant, economically supercharged state – is this the blueprint for a more progressive America?

California has highest poverty rate of all US states, new report finds


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