Sunday, October 1, 2017

Which Ball?

Football so much at the front of coverage, but some interesting b ball coverage highly relevant to UC, higher ed:
"The Feds Could Fix College Sports. But They’re Playing For The Wrong Team.
An antitrust suit against the NCAA’s price-fixing amateur model would benefit players — and rid college sports of the worst corruption that plagues them"
..."It’s not hard to see how the NCAA’s black market gives rise to the sort of financial crimes being alleged by the federal government. Eliminate the black market and the worst of those crimes will go away. In 2009, former UCLA basketball star Ed O’Bannon sued the NCAA, alleging that its rules prohibiting athletes from profiting off their names, images and likenesses violated federal antitrust law. Under the sort of system O’Bannon envisioned, athletes would have been free to share in revenues from jersey sales, shoe deals and other image-related endorsement contracts.

And had O’Bannon prevailed in full, the precise activity that has an Adidas executive "...

Are the leagues that different from each other?
The coach of a team owned by a newly appointed but unconfirmed UC regent, covered by UD : here

He also
--spoke recently at Cal and frequently in the alumni magazine...


If you must on latest 'opportunists on all sides thirsty for UC platform' / Free Speech coverage, there's:

The 'naive professors' framing here:

Another Chancellor message out on it, with opportunity for readers to leave comments:

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