Saturday, November 25, 2017

Some of the response to UC audit interference reports, more

"California Politics Podcast: Questions and criticism for Janet Napolitano"

This is a good 20 minute overview:

"State auditor finds top aides to UC President Napolitano interfered in audit, recommends reforms"

"Borenstein: How UC President Napolitano undermined state audit"

"Editorial: After audit debacle, fire UC President Napolitano”

"Editorial: UC Regents were right to discipline President Napolitano"
"Editorial | Napolitano, UC regents both failing Californians in audit fiasco"

"The U-T Editorial Board isn’t calling for Napolitano to resign — yet. But it’s hard to have faith in her or the UC regents now. They failed Californians — and need to prove they’ll “conduct themselves ethically, honestly and with integrity in all dealings.”


Some on the faculty turn to a familiar refrain used in many previous UC 'sagas', scandals etc. of 'not corruption, just incompetence'

-- there are other takes on it, and one that rings most true is that 'the problems predate Napolitano's arrival'...

But at least there's a willingness to point out a few of the many glaring questions around UC PATH project management decisions ...

"Implementation of the UCPath payroll system was a major issue. This effort has gone over-budget and been much delayed. UCLA was supposed to be among the first campuses to adopt the system, but now will be delayed - apparently due to complications arising from the medical enterprise pay system. It appears that pushing UCLA back will also delay implementation at other campuses. No one quite answered the question (which was raised) as to why UCLA was set to go first if there were known complexities of its medical enterprise payroll system. If UCLA had gone first, it was said that Merced would have had to be removed from its system (since UCLA does Merced's payroll). It was unclear why, if Merced could have been carved out, why the UCLA medical enterprise couldn't have been carved out."

So, some belated Happy Thanksgiving in a fuller review of UC news...

And yes there was CRISPR news, and turkey tweets....
And in other areas:

Hard to find current coverage with the latest on these earlier headlines:

"Grad Students Say GOP Tax Plan Could Increase Their Taxes 300% | Fortune
e "

"Graduate students face alarming tax hike - Nature
Nature Journal"

"Graduate Students Are Freaking Out About the GOP Tax Plan. They Should Be | WIRED

"GOP tax reform: Why target education? | The Sacramento Bee

Compared with this latest headline: "
Senate tax reform markup opts to keep tax exemption for graduate students
Washington Examiner"

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