Thursday, November 2, 2017

Student housing crisis, and a question of UC leadership chasing wedge issues instead of making the 'trains run on time'?

Blame it on former admin and take years to write a standard 38 page report, but what will be the rebuttal? Pushback?:
Civil rights policy broken in Cal field hockey case, probe finds; ex-administrator blamed


This new report on student housing:

Poll finds high housing cost is barrier to college education in California

Discussion of Higher Ed revenue streams myths and taboo here:
Troubles of the Michigan Model


Dirks recently tweeted this: "In order to thrive, universities - and societies - need balance of research fields"

And this is at THE: on his struggles at Cal

They've also got this there:

Check it against this:
Feeding a Dangerous Fiction, Redux


UC part of joint legal motion to halt repeal of DACA program


California Gov. Jerry Brown heads to Europe for climate talks- he returns Nov 14, the UC Regents meet Nov 15-16...

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