Friday, November 3, 2017

Unconfirmed UC Regent: "flatly argued that harassment can’t take place between members of Congress. “Female members and male members are equals, they don’t sexually harass each other,” Tauscher said."

See multiple current and former CA female legislators comments on their workplace- including a current unconfirmed UC Regent come up in : "Female lawmakers allege harassment by colleagues in House"

"Former Rep. Ellen Tauscher of California flatly argued that harassment can’t take place between members of Congress. “Female members and male members are equals, they don’t sexually harass each other,” Tauscher said.

In fact, the law specifies that harassment can occur between equals, said Jennifer Drobac, a professor at the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law, who teaches a course in sexual harassment law.

“Formally, two members of Congress may have the same status. That doesn’t change the fact that sexual harassment can occur between peers,” Drobac said, noting that numerous other factors can come into play, including the difference in age and length of service between the members, and the mere fact that men have more power in society than women.

Indeed the harassment or hostile incidents experienced by current and former lawmakers occurred when they were young newcomers to Congress, with less seniority than the men who targeted them. Yet the fact that some dispute whether harassment could even occur between members of Congress underscores the complexity of the issue and the fraught questions surrounding it.

--That is from an unconfirmed UC Regent, at the Title IX compliance challenged UC, where also supposedly equal Academic Senate faculty members also exist and sometimes complain of unequal treatment within their own body and UC Regents then have to intervene in certain situations etc.... BTW Tauschet is being discussed by the regents as a replacement for Pattiz as chair of highly competitive UC labs committee etc, some unfortunate irony there... Unconfirmed UC Regents only receive confirmation through the CA Senate rules committee, and recently the larger Sac staff there made this news in NYT:

And : now Sac Bee is looking into :

But accusations of outrageous office conduct resulting in large legal settlements are not limited to the Legislature.

A Bee examination of sexual harassment cases involving ... public universities shows that untold millions have been paid out in recent years to settle claims – without any centralized oversight of these settlements, or public accountability for the outcomes.

In the last nine months alone, the University of California governing board agreed to pay more than $2.7 million to settle two claims at UC Santa Cruz and the UC Berkeley School of Law involving sexual assault and sexual harassment by faculty members.

How common are these payouts?

Representatives of California’s key financial and personnel agencies told The Bee they have no master list of sexual harassment settlements – and no easy way to get one –since each department is responsible for its own budgeting, including legal resolutions. The employment count within the executive branch of state government, which doesn’t include ... university systems, is 228,839 workers in 144 departments.

... government regulations allow some of the state’s largest entities – the University of California, for instance, ...– to rely on in-house counsel. ...

Unlike California, some states, including Michigan, meticulously track lawsuit judgments and settlements by department, and make that information available to lawmakers and the public.

“... Bowerman said departments initially were “kicking at how much work it was to pull together,” but he noted that the annual report has been well received and used by the public for a variety of purposes.
Michigan’s ..

Earlier this year, the UC regents agreed to pay $1.7 million to settle a case involving the former UC Berkeley School of Law dean, Sujit Choudhry.

Choudhry’s former executive assistant, Tyann Sorrell, had accused her boss of inappropriately kissing, hugging and touching her. Sorrell and other critics complained that Choudhry was let off too easily by being allowed to remain a tenured faculty member, even though a campus investigation had substantiated the allegations.

The UC Board of Regents also settled a $1.15 million sexual assault case this year with a former UC Santa Cruz student, Luz Portillo. The woman alleged that university officials failed to adequately investigate her claims that her professor, Hector Perla, and another student employee had raped her in June 2015, the day before her graduation, according to media accounts of the case.

UC President Janet Napolitano vowed to improve the university’s handling of complaints related to sexual harassment and sexual violence. In 2016, UC adopted a systemwide model for how its campuses were to investigate and decide such cases, and “we’ve been working hard to implement it consistently and fairly...,” said UC spokeswoman Dianne Klein. More recently, she said, the university created systemwide procedures for investigating complaints against faculty and staff.

Klein said the university monitors legal settlements through multiple databases, on campuses and through the president’s office. Larger settlements are brought before the board of regents for approval, she said....

-- So it would seem that the rules committee might feel a heightened awareness on the subject etc when/if confirmation hearings occur on those four unconfirmed UC Regents...

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