Thursday, November 9, 2017

Universities and those same plays, moves...

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Executives who resigned from UC were involved in audit interference

..."“The process of working with the individual campuses to review the survey responses was suggested by the university’s internal audit staff and reviewed and approved by the university’s attorneys,” Ballard said. “The university’s attorneys were directly involved in working with Bernie (Jones) and the campuses’ responses to the surveys.”

UC spokeswoman Dianne Klein said that neither Jones nor Grossman had been forced to leave.

Klein, who is also Napolitano’s spokeswoman, did not respond when asked by text and email about the president’s involvement in the surveys.

At UC Santa Cruz, survey responders initially rated technology help from the president’s office as “poor.” That became “good” after Napolitano’s office intervened. The campus also changed ratings for three services previously judged “fair” to “good.” And they changed their ratings of three other services, including help in identifying top-performing high school students, from “good” to “exceptional.”

UC San Diego’s original survey said administrators were “dissatisfied” with explanations from the president’s office about how it spends the campus fees that keep it afloat. They became “satisfied” after the president’s office reviewed it.

At UC Irvine, survey ratings on questions about the quality of collaboration with the president’s office over campus fees were changed from “OK” to “satisfied,” and others from “satisfied,” to “very satisfied.”

The UC regents will meet in San Francisco on Wednesday and next Thursday. No discussion of the Moreno report is scheduled. The regents will hear an update on UC’s progress implementing other areas of the audit recommendations."

And they also have multiple links to the archive leading up to this new Moreno Report:

Here are links to two sets of email exchanges between the UC Office of the President and several campuses regarding review of campus survey responses:
Here is a link to all Chronicle’s coverage of the state audit of the UC president’s office:

And Sac Bee AP covering it too:
UC executives involved in audit interference, report says

It is true: that the UC Regents do not list this new $220,000 Moreno Report as an agenda item for the meeting scheduled next week
Paradise and Higher Ed...:

Eaton on the mood shifts over:
"Endowments Boom as Colleges Bury Earnings Overseas"®ion=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=0

And another Eaton in UC PR:

Boies feted by : Berkeley Law in recent years...

Now he is caught up in major ethical debate:

Fallout from that blockbuster major artile in The New Yorker

Also consider universities' Title IX moves as you read, and UC Regents possible ties to the subject matter...

And: "David Boies's Complicated Conflicts
Did the superstar lawyer cross ethical lines in his representation of Harvey Weinstein?"

And The Guardian

"But then attorney David Boies gave a painful interview in which, in a lawyerly way,"

He even came up -around that same time of the Berkeley Law speech he gave- in : "David Boies helped California gay couples win the right to marry. Now he’s attacking teacher tenure"

Recall: his wife interviewed UC pres Napolitano on important issues: here.

Many concerned about linked issues of academic freedom and free speech , with that in mind,see what looks like administration moves to control narratives and discussion of Free speech parameters now includes $20,000 fellowships of their favorites, chosen few:

These issues are linked. Linkages there to see for a long while..

Also see:

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