Saturday, December 23, 2017

Overly Broad Strokes, Not pushin' that envelope, myopic, and a breakthrough...

Painting a whole gen like this?!:
"UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol T. Christ, for insisting on the importance of free speech on campus at a time when, as she herself acknowledged, “we have a generation of students now who are much more willing to think about restrictions on speech.”"

Then in that same piece LAT also herald: "The Academy of Motion Pictures, for an awards season that wasn’t #Oscarssowhite (though it is still way too #LightonLatinos and #AintmanyAsians.)"

But just a few weeks ago it was: and included:"“It appears back to business as usual, unfortunately,”"

And just today their content has generated this feedback:

Twitter Skewers Los Angeles Times — And Stars — For All-White Actress Cover

Here's Why Twitter Is So Angry About This Hollywood-Themed Cover


This Title IX just settling at UC Berkeley: "UC Board of Regents settles sex harassment complaint against professor "

And SF Gate:

In light of all the decades-long UC Title IX problems, problems recognized by many on all sides of the issue,

And in light of a decades-long UC Regent (whose been at the helm during these UC IX problems) mentioned here:

It can feel like a disconnect ... A feeling perhaps of one woman's accolade can be another woman's Coin/Snow, so to speak...


Some of the coverage can lead some other subject matter experts to even ask a question like this:

"Is #metoo for colleges and sports?"

- because the myopia can be real and it can even be used as a tool. recall all those folks using the line that they are 'steeped in academia, academic life and yet don't know anything about that Title IX thing ' - that stance has been used as a tool in a narrative to skew policy.


Persisting to... a breakthrough:

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