Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Pushing agendas 'talks'- and proper survey handling is important...,more.

"Chemerinsky said during the event that they began each class by polling students on court cases and issues regarding free speech and found the students were “overwhelmingly” on the side of "...

Then there's also that UC prez-penned high-minded op ed at:
Civic Education and the University of California

And these moves:

But, most importantly, consider it along with these next two articles:

State Official Seeks Consequences for UC President's Aides Who ...

It -polling , survey, evaluation,request for feedback- comes up as a task at key points in University business:

With significant results...

And we also have to recall:

Cal Athletics, this new hire:

In light of :

Also at IHE :

In light of that Monday night f ball...:

Then you've got your University endowments and leg hijinks coverage:

Its Makin' folks Moody('s):

A flashback to Dirks $200,000 PR moves to get a Ted talk? "consulting firm, to identify “fruitful domestic and international opportunities” for Dirks, such as TED talks, "

Good luck finding that Napolitano-Chemerinsky talk here:

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