Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Revisiting UC 'Operational Excellence' talk...more.

Let's return to an earlier piece and ponder the true meaning of operational excellence in it:
UC, Texas A&M to team up on bid to operate LANL

See this section:
.. “But along with UC’s record of experience, of course, comes a record of some failures. There have been failures, in particular, in operations. And now the question becomes, if you’re a selection board, do you go with somebody who has experience but possibly questionable past performance? Or do you go with somebody who doesn’t have that kind of directly relevant experience, but has better past performance in things that are arguably similar?

“Or do you perhaps find somebody, some team, that combines some operational experience that you would consider highly relevant with past performance that you consider to be excellent?”"...

The 'regent Pattiz and UC regents culture and governance' issue comes up in: "How sexual harassment is playing out in the California governor's race", a new Sac Bee piece:


UC Merced brings in $3billion to State?!:
- that's a UC press release...or news?

Addressed 50 staffers, of a total staff of 10,000...:

..."improve morale and better connect with the school’s 10,000 staff members.

“We couldn’t do what we do, we couldn’t serve our students, we couldn’t serve our faculty were it not for the extraordinary work you do,” Christ told the group of 50 staffers."...

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