Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Scope Creep of the New UC DC-based 'Free Speech Center' -and where is UC campus based faculty, Academic Senate members contribution, research, input in it?

UCLA Fac blog points to: this Politico article that discussed UC
Includes this DC based model as something that can regulate campus based culture etc:
"Napolitano acknowledged that supporting even very provocative free-speech rallies on campus is not a position shared by everyone in the university community, and that there’s not an “insignificant percentage” of students who believe that the First Amendment doesn’t cover hate speech. She said a new UC center on free speech to be based in Washington will explore how to best teach students about the Constitution.

“We have a real education issue before us to educate students about what the First Amendment means and to make sure that they understand that once you start policing speakers based on the content of what they are going to say that sets a horrible precedent,” Napolitano said."

- Note now, not just 'free speech' but now the entire 'Constitution'-- that looks like some serious scope creep...and it was entirely foreseeable. It is not just a duplication of effort concern, there are faculty on each of the UC campuses' engaged in this type of research, teaching of the Constitution and it looks like their participation is not sought by making the efforts of this new center DC based... for add'l concerns see also:
And, on research implications:
In this story: at HuffPost

This comes up:
... “is a pervasive speech code for lawyers, including on matters unrelated to any pending litigation,” UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh argued in "...

It also includes this highlighted quote from another expert:
"The 14th Amendment is not some special interests amendment for women and people of color and the LGBT community — it’s equal to the First Amendment."

- see how predictably the scope expands?!
- it would be helpful to have details on how campus-based UC faculty and staff are and will routinely be a part of this UCOP-driven DC-based new center and how these efforts taking place outside of CA will transport it's deliverables, end products, research findings, teachings to campus and students in a manner that will not appear to be by think-tank fiat or a series of dust collecting tomes, unread white papers (but with a nice budget drain on travel, luncheons, dinners, gala at a well-catered DC center etc for the cherry picked participants)..

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