Tuesday, December 19, 2017

“The campus has, for decades, not dealt honestly with the budget,” said Christ, who assumed office in mid-summer. “And it has not sought to...

..."reconcile how much money it takes to run a sports program and how much money we’ve allocated.”

That's in: "Chancellor Carol Christ talks Cal athletics: Budget plans, stadium debt, the AD search and finding a sustainable model

-that new board of visitors
and Berkeley foundation mentioned as
influential --comes up in the story above with regard to direction of Cal Athletics, more. Cal now listing them as upper echelon UC stakeholders, description of them as having greenlighting or opposing campus capital projects influence etc-- are such groups similar to a 'shadow regents'- are such groups - w/ their own dedicated UC support staff serving them - a part of the higher ed master plan? Is it possible that the regents and these other groups might find themselves in opposition to each other, or with differing, opposing goals? Are these types of groups becoming mini "campus regents'and is that a good thing?
Also a 'chancellor interview' on UCSF
Does Hawgood discuss his: Title IX office problems (that concerns actions of a former Cal faculty equity director) as one of the hardest problems?:



..."The bill had proposed a tax on college and university endowments exceeding $500,000 for every student enrolled, but it included a provision that would have exempted those with fewer than 500 tuition-paying students. The parliamentarian struck only the words "tuition-paying," the Ways and Means representative said."...


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